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Dwyer Aerial Photography is experienced in providing our clients with high quality, low and high altitude, aerial photographs in both digital and printed format.

Aerial Photography can be classified into two categories: Oblique and Vertical Aerial Photography.

Each is involved in capturing photographs from an aerial perspective, but employs different equipment and techniques.

Oblique: is taken from an angular perspective, emphasizing structures, foreground & horizontal references. Ideal for showing relationships to surrounding land marks, attractions and objects.

Vertical: is taken from a vertical perspective. Ideal for the straight down bird's eye view of your site or large areas such as a small city.

Both Oblique & Vertical aerial photographs can be taken at low altitudes (1000 to 5000 feet AGL), emphasizing high definition close ups of structures, property development and real estate.

High altitude oblique/verticals are typically taken from 5000 to 12000 feet AGL, capturing the wide view of larger areas such as towns, city, recreational areas, rivers, lakes, and broad sections of land such as townships & counties.
Oblique View: Auto Dealership, Orange Park, Florida
Oblique View
Vertical View: Elementary School Construction
Vertical View
High Altitude View: St Augustine, FL from 8,000 ft
High Altitude Oblique View:
St Augustine from 8,000ft  
Dwyer Aerial Photography provides you with quick turn-around time in several media formats to meet your specific requirements (weather permitting).

From our standard 8x10 high resolution photographs to 42x63 inch enlargements, to low resolution files which are perfect for internet application. You also have the option of getting your photographs on CD-ROM for landmark historical reference.

Our images make powerful visual tools for a wide range of business applications, such as Annual Reports, Marketing, Advertising, Real Estate Listings, Environmental Studies, Engineering, Architectural, Public and Private School construction Projects, weekly or monthly Site Progression photographic presentation.

We perform all aerial photography according to your exact requirements with our high resolution photographic equipment. We use the very best photo processing labs to ensure consistent high quality results.

Dwyer Aerial Photography uses state-of-the-art GPS (Global Positioning) , and GIS (Gyro Image Stabilization) technology to provide clear sharp digital imagery.

Dwyer Aerial Photography: Florida Hospital, Deland, DL
Florida Hospital, Deland, FL

Realizing that planning, presentation and promotions are the keys to your business success, we put the power and impact of aerial photography to work for you.

  • Increase visual clarity
  • Improve time management
  • Market effectively
  • Showcase property
  • Plan / Track land development
  • Plan for emergency evacuations
  • Enhance reports
  • Present the big picture
  • Record visual evidence

Dwyer Aerial Photography: Construction Sequence
construction sequence

Aerial photography has many applications and can help your business grow. Here's just a few examples:

Aerial images provide an overall view of a property in relation to the surrounding area. They are invaluable for initial site evaluation and planning, showing both the layout of the property itself, and the location of local services.

A series of aerial photographs is the perfect way to monitor construction projects. Clients, Investors and Board Members are impressed with Site Progression photographs. Any time you can save busy professionals from unnecessary time and travel to stay informed on construction and site progression, is a winning combination.

Both commercial and residential real estate professionals have long used aerial photos for property evaluation, land development, advertising, appraisals, and as gifts to clients.

Aerial photography is invaluable to local government agencies who utilize it for planning, zoning, public relations, law enforcement, presentations and special events.

Business associates, clients and friends cannot help being impressed by an attractive mounted and framed aerial enlargement. Whether displayed in an office, conference room, or as the focal point in a showroom, an aerial photo makes an interesting conversation piece.

Effective, eye-catching in print media, including magazines, newspapers and Yellow Pages. Aerial photography works overtime in brochures and calendars.

Attorneys use aerial photos to help settle disputes, accidents, land or structure damage, dispositions of estates, and boundary questions.

Aerial photographs make an excellent record of the structure and its surrounding area. Damage assessment claims.

Dwyer Aerial Photography: Residential Real Estate in Florida
Residential real estate

Dwyer Aerial Photography: Condos, Orange Park, FL
South Orange Park Condos

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